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Thomas May
Thomas May
Thomas May

Obituary of Thomas A. May

Thomas “Tom” A. May was born in Ohio on January 5, 1942.
Thomas departed this life in Palm Bay, Florida on February 12, 2024.

Tom loved climbing trees and playing outside, when he was a young boy. Tom joined the Air Force as a teenager. After the Air Force, he created a private business as an Aviator. He traveled all over the world for work at General Electric in the 80s and early 90s, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

He was a devoted father, driving his two youngest, Jenny and James, to their sport activities and sleepovers. He enjoyed taking his kids out to eat together. His favorite restaurants were Chili’s, Captain Hiram’s & Olive Garden. His favorite music was bluegrass or light country. His favorite snack was peanut butter crackers and pastries. In his free time, he loved to hang out and play with his Chihuahua, Zulu. He would always spoil his dog with as many toys as he could. Sometimes, he would indulge in old western cowboy movies if he is not watching the news. He is mostly known for his great generosity to the family and friends.

He adored his neighbors Quincey, Jackie, Frank, Jose, Celia, & Dorris. Quincey Willer was always helpful to take Tom to his doctor’s appointments & assisted him around the house when help was needed.

Thomas A. May is a man of surpassing mental toughness. He’s been through everything from having a rough upbringing, working in dangerous environments, suffering multiple broken hearts, excruciating health problems and more. Despite everything he had been through, he never stopped having a good heart. One thing he can be remembered for was his generosity and drive towards making his loved ones happy. Thomas was a rather straightforward individual who never beat around the bush and often spoke plainly. He was a man of deep intelligence; although he never attended college and started off with little to no financial support, he had the dedication to teach himself electrical engineering and accumulate vast experience in various environments around the world. The depth of his heart’s ability to overcome adversity cannot be expressed with words. The positive impact and lessons he imparted onto those around him will echo through eternity.

He will be missed and never forgotten by many all around the world. We will forever hold on to our precious and funny memories of Tom.

Survived by his beloved wife, Jutarat; his daughter,Jennifer “Jenny” May;his son,  James May ; son William “Bill” May, his daughter Allison (Joseph) Schlagheck and his only grandson Drake Schlagheck; his sisters, Joyce & Sally and 10 nieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by his brother & sister, James and Suzie. His is parents, James May & Ruth Lowry.

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