Angela  Governale

Obituary of Angela Governale

Angela was one of the most beloved members of the Governale family. Being her grandchild was an amazing thing. Her cooking was legendary and her Christmas parties at the house on Jefferson Blvd. were to die for. Once it got late, I would go sneak off to sleep underneath the massive pile of coats on her bed. She was a wonderful sweet soul who was only happy if she was making other people happy and if you had her spaghetti and meatballs, yes you were happy. When she moved to Florida with her husband Peter, it was as if life ground to a halt for those of us still in Jersey and it was not long until we moved to Florida ourselves. Mom and I took up residence on the same street and we had our own little community with a lovely Sunday dinner every single week until she just could not do it anymore passing the baton to me and, I am ashamed to say we don’t do Sunday dinners anymore, but the memories are vivid. As much of a wonder her cooking was, NOTHING compared to the single thing that made her heart swell ... yes you guessed it.... dancing. Well into her 90's we were still dragging her off of a dance floor because we couldn't stay awake anymore. If there were a club function at the Italian American Club she would set up residence in the Peter Governale banquet room and outdance every younger member of the family. Family members would peel off the floor and collapse at our table exclaiming that they just could keep up with Aunt Angie she loved her grandchildren immensely and I saw her so happy like when little Mikey was born, watching him grow up and when he married Corrine... now they are raising the next generation of amazing Governales. Her great-grandchildren, Angelina and Gabriel have to both meet her before she passed and she blessed us with a small window of recognition and understanding of whom she was meeting.

She leaves behind her daughter Marianne, grandchildren Mike and Tracey, great-grandchildren Gabriel and Angelina, nephew Sal Mauro and a score of godchildren.

She will be greeted at heavens gate by her husband Peter, her sister Rose, brothers Jim and Nick, her parents, and her beloved son Michael.

With the utmost love and sorrow, I am asking God to bless every family member with an amazing memory of an amazing woman. Please use this space to share a story about Angela, be it small or epic, let us use this post to share the story you have and share your memory of her.

There will be a memorial in October celebrating her 100th birthday at the Italian American Club. Please plan on attending, details will be posted on the club's page when it's time.

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