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Josephine Rodriguez Rivera

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Obituary of Josephine Rodriguez Rivera

Josephine Rodriguez Rivera "Giggles" Born in a small town in Puerto Rico, Josie came to New York City as a very young child and grew up on the lower east side of Manhattan along with her 7 siblings. There she attended Catholic services, a very important part of her culture and family life, developed a love for music and dancing, and met a young man who was to become the love of her life. She had a traditional and somewhat conservative upbringing – values that she held dear all her life and strove to impart to her own children. While still only in her teens she met Luie and it didn't take long before they both knew that their love was something special. Eventually, life got in the way and they ended up going their separate ways, living separate lives and each starting families of their own. However, the flame of love is not so easily extinguished and years later, each recovering from a failed relationship, Josie and Luie found each other again. The love was still there as was the happiness of finally being with the person they were meant to be with. The role that Josie cherished most was that of motherhood. She was nurturing and as fiercely protective of her children as a mama bear. But Josie also showered her love on the children that she baby-sat for and even the neighborhood kids. To this day those kids, now all grown up, still remember Josie fondly. Josie and Luie were married for 41 years before she passed away but that flame of love still endures and Luie says some day he'll find her again.