Minodora Michaels

Minodora “Xorometri” Ioannou Michaels

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Obituary of Minodora “Xorometri” Ioannou Michaels

Minodora Michaels Ioannou Xorometri was born in 1929 and went on to become an incredible woman. She was a daughter, a sister, a mother, a granddaughter, and a friend to many. She was loved by everyone who met her. Her warmth and lighthearted presence made her memorable and charismatic to all. Since the age of seven, she worked hard to provide for her family. She had to miss out on an education to raise her siblings; however, she went on to teach herself how to read and write. Later in her life, she became a mother to two beautiful girls, Maria and Andrea. With undying love, she raised them mostly on her own, in a war torn country. Minodora, know as Gia Gia by everyone, was a woman of habit. She woke up every morning at 5 a.m., had dinner every night at 6 p.m. and went to sleep every night at 8 p.m. They were ceremonious to her. Gia Gia loved nothing more than being around her family. She was an intensely proud Cypriot woman who left the comfort of her home village which she loved with all of her heart to stay by the side of her children, and later grandchildren. Her only regret in leaving was missing out on the news from her country. When her children set up Greek TV in their home, she never wanted to leave the house. Even while living in America, she loved watching shows from her home land, and immersing in her Cypriot Greek culture. Gia Gia was a devoted Greek Orthodox Woman of God. Our priest one said when she’s in charge, he’s careful not to make mistakes because he know she knows. She must have read the bible over a hundred times in her lifetime, and she loved to retell it’s stories to her loved ones. Her favorite thing to do was attend church and she encouraged everyone to do the same. She was a woman of many self-taught talents, she loved to cook, sew, and craft all sorts of things. In fact, she never liked eating anyone else’s bread but her own. Loving her bread applied to her family as well, they only loved her own. She always managed to put a smile on everyone’s face. She smiled and laughed easily. Gia Gia was always eager to listen; and yet despite her warm nature, she was a woman made of iron. She would not let anything bring her down. It was always Gia Gia knows best. She was blessed to live a long life and to not have to suffer. During the times she was ill or facing hardship, she stood tall and proud and kept on moving as if nothing was wrong. She remained independent until her last days. Now she stands tall and proud to watch over her children, Maria, and Manoli, Andrea, and Suzan , and her grandchildren, Sara, and Brian Konstantina and RJ, Nikki and Robert, Charlie, Katie, and great-grandchildren Elijah and Jeannette. She loved them with all of her being. On July 24th, Gia Gia passed in peaceful sleep surrounded by her children. As a proud daughter of Jesus she was eager to find Heaven. She will go on to make one of the brightest angels in the sky as she watches over her family. May she rest in peace knowing they all continue to share an immeasurable amount of love and appreciation for her and that her spirit will leave an impact on them forever. Arrangements by Ammen Family Cremation and Funeral Care, Melbourne, 321-724-2222.