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Obituary of Kevin E Sheehan

Kevin, Kev, Kevy, Kevy Sr., Father, Dad, Pops, Santa, Grandpa Kevy, Uncle Kevy…father, son, husband, family, friend. 

Whoever came into contact with Kevin in life, whatever they called him, walked away different because of him. Most of the time in a good way. (Sorry law enforcement, not you.) 

He first graced this world with his presence on January 3rd, 1950. To say the world would never be the same is completely true. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, he moved as a youngster with his family to Hull, growing up along Nantasket Beach. There, he made memories and friends that would last a lifetime. 

He loved everything about Hull, where he found his profound passion for the beach and the ocean. On occasion he would work on the lobster boats, fishing out of Boston. He loved storms and violent weather. The worse the better. He told many a story – over and over and over… --about surviving and thriving during the Blizzard of 78, living in Scituate, Massachusetts, at the time. 

At 17 years young, he started a career as a UNION Iron Worker with Local #7 in Boston, Massachusetts. He worked all over the country, climbing the iron for 35 years before he retired at the young age of 52. He took joy from his work, climbing high on the iron monsters he helped build, including the Luxor in Las Vegas. About that he would often say, “How many people nowadays can say they helped build a pyramid?” 

Kevin lived life on the edge. He did everything in his life to the hardest and fullest. One of his passions was music. He loved rock and roll, going to many concerts in his day, the most famous being Woodstock. He hitchhiked his way to the front gate and, as he put it, spent the next three days making memories and history that he and 500,000 or so of his friends would cherish forever. 

Another one of his passions was for sports. Playing them and watching them. He was proud of his phenomenal athleticism, growing up honing his skills at the Park on N St. in Hull. He loved the Bruins, Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics and would call his sons and discuss every ball, strike, shot, pass, throw, and catch at length. He would brag to anyone who would listen that in his life he got to see his beloved Boston teams win 30 World Championships. 

He had his very own Boston language with his trademark Wicked Big Boston Accent. Phrases like “You wanna bat the breeze?” “You dig it?” and “Wicked pissa” being just a few. He also loved giving nicknames to those he met. 

He loved nature. Being in it, being surrounded by it. Some of his favorite places to visit and talk about were Yellowstone National Park, Death Valley in California, and of course the beaches of Hawaii. He once said that nature brought him closest to people and to God, which leads into Kevin’s greatest passion: his love for his fellow human beings and his love for God and his savior Jesus Christ. Kevin loved his family with all his heart and would protect them to his dying breath. 

He made sure to end just about every conversation he had with most people “Love ya!” Another of his favorite things to say was “Who loves ya?” And he made sure to teach people the only response he wanted to hear: “Kevy and God.” 

In 1993, Kevin met the love of his life, Deborah Sheehan. The memories they made over their 31 years together are too many to mention, and will live on being told for generations by all their family and friends. 

Kevin was preceded in death by his Mother Barbara (Mother Dear, Grandma, Manny) Sheehan; Father John (Juka) Sheehan; Brother John (JJ, Jay) Sheehan; Brother Leo Sheehan; Uncle Jack (Red Jack) McCarthey; Aunt Helen (Dood) Droan; Aunt Alice (Auntie Alice) Bent; Cousin Paul (Big Paul) Gargano, Sr.; and Cousin Paul (Little Paul) Gargano, Jr. 

Kevin is survived by his loving Wife Deborah Sheehan (Melbourne, FL); Brother Brian and his wife Kirsty Sheehan (Quincy, MA); Son Kevin and his wife Elizabeth Sheehan (Greenlawn, NY); son Ryan and his wife Evelyn Sheehan (Seffner, FL); Son Shawn and his wife Ashley Sheehan (Bethlehem, PA); Son Jonathan and his wife Tana Magel (Las Vegas, NV); Grandchildren Jordan and Tara Magel (Las Vegas, NV); Kalley Magel (Las Vegas, NV); Lila, Alexis, and Riley Sheehan (Greenlawn, NY); Presley and Brooks Sheehan and Mason Wenhold (Bethlehem, PA); Great-Grandchildren James Magel (Las Vegas, NV); and his many cherished cousins, nephews, nieces, and friends he would want to tell he considered family. 

God Is Love 143 

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