Fredrick Doyle Shelton Sr

Obituary of Fredrick Doyle Shelton Sr

Fred was born in Miami, Florida June 8th, 1942 to Coralee Hand Shelton and Frank Shelton and spent the majority of his childhood in the Sunshine State. He helped raise his brother Randy. He was an excellent student and upon graduation from high school joined the US Army in 1960. He completed basic training and was assigned to the Signal Corps. His first (and only) duty station was overseas, at the US Army base in Verdun, France.

          During his three year tour, he met and married Marie (Maisy) Conrad, and they had 2 children, Fred (born in Verdun) and Richard (born in Luxembourg). He did very well in the Army, and attained the rank of Sergeant (E-5). During his time serving in France, he participated in the Defense of Europe for the “Cold War” against Russia, and was on full alert during the “Cuban Missile Crisis”.  The Vietnam war was also starting up in the early 60’s, and as a result of his distinguished service record and rapid promotions he was asked to go to West Point to become an officer. However, he wanted to focus on his new family and declined the generous offer.  

          In 1963 he left the Army, moved the family to Miami, Florida and got a job with Eastern Airlines. He started out as a stock clerk, but quickly moved up the ladder and became one of the Computer Programmers working on the new IBM machines. He did very well at Eastern, and learned to program in Fortran, COBOL, and Assembler. He was definitely a computer genius and even built his own “Heathkit H8 Home Computer” in 1977, four years before IBM built their first PC. His son Richard helped him build this computer and because of this fun and unique hands-on learning experience, Richard went on to get a degree and build a career in Electrical and Systems Engineering.

          His first marriage ended amicably, and he lived near his sons in Miami Lakes. In 1983 he married a very nice lady named Judy Polk Jones from Homestead Fl. Judy also had two sons, Byron Jones and Yancey Jones, and he helped raise them as well. In 1991 Eastern Airlines closed, but he was fortunate that his computer division was purchased by EDS, then General Motors. After retiring from GM, he then went on to work at the Miami Public Library, which he very much loved, as he was an avid reader.

          Fred and Judy survived the tragic events of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, and after moving to Pembroke Pines for a year decided to move back to Homestead and rebuild a damaged house. They remained there until 2023 when they moved to a very nice assisted living facility in Melbourne, Fl near his sons and brother Randy. Fred enjoyed life there on the Indian River in his 5th floor apartment very much, as their room had a great view and he could watch the boats, dolphins , and pelicans go by every day.  He was happy there with Judy by his side and his boys and little brother nearby.       

He led a full life, served his country with honor, raised 4 boys, and helped make the world a better place. He is survived by his wife Judy, his brother Randy Shelton, his sons Fredrick Shelton Jr (Carol ), Richard Shelton (Lydia) , stepsons Byron Jones, Yancey Jones (Shannon), half sister Rosie Antanasio, half brother Michael Antanasio, granddaughters Chrissy, Brittany, and Tanya and his niece Dr. Dawn Shelton (David) and nephew Randy Shelton Jr.

He will be missed, may he rest in peace.


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