Albert Steven Raisor Sr.

Obituary of Albert Steven Raisor Sr.

Albert Steven Raisor Sr. born on March 15, 1951, in Jefferson County Indiana passed away on Tuesday February 22, 2022, at his home in Melbourne Florida. He was preceded in death by his wife of 36 years, his Lil Darlin, Wanda Marie Raisor. Also preceded in death by his son Albert David Raisor, mother Norma J Thomas, Father William A. Raisor, and his sister Norma K Shook. 
Steve leaves behind his children Albert Steven Raisor Jr. Candace Stacey, Michelle Boles, Heather Raisor, Albert E R Raisor, Dawn Monington, Albert J Raisor, Tanya Dickey, and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Sisters Elizabeth Suddarth, and Lisa Switzer, brother William A. Raisor II. 16 grandbabies, 6 great-grandbabies. Along with many nieces and nephews. 
Steve will be forever missed and loved by so many.
The man that made the men and women who we are today. We have all heard countless stories about the man he once was. The many lives he managed to cram in on his time on this earth. Steve the chicken farmer, Steve the biker, Steve the cross-country taxi driver, Steve the trucker, Steve the LEGEND and the many more lives we never got the chance to hear about or the ones we should not talk about to protect his good name. But to us. in our lifetime, we only knew him as Daddy, the Husband - Big Darlin. Pepaw, the brother, the uncle, he loved so many truly and unconditionally. The strongest most honest, most caring, most giving, most larger-than-life person that could be, a man who held his family and friends close and tried to make every moment special. A man who always wanted to teach. He taught grandkids to drive, taught us that is was okay to be different, taught us to never settle for anything less than we wanted. taught us that not everything is a joke unless you were making them, a man who taught us to do what we want and to do it with the people you want around you.
Always, understanding, always thoughtful in the advice and wisdom you tried to share with us all. We thank you for raising our family to be what we are today. Although because of how close our family why this hurts so hard. It has also brought every good thing that has ever happened to us in this life, you built such strong men and women to teach each other and others to be strong. Without you we would not be who we are. You impacted everyone who met you along the way and truly were the backbone of this family. Your time on this earth was not for naught you made the most of it for yourself and everyone around you. We're glad you made it back to your Lil' Darlin. we wish we didn't have to wait to see you again but "such is life" it "was your turn" as you would often say. Until next time old man. Rest easy may you watch over us all and continue to guide us. 
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