Frank Gorgen

Frank Henry Gorgen

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Obituary of Frank Henry Gorgen

Frank was a Veteran and a true family man, a true gift to us all! It is heartbreaking to say that he unfortunately had to leave us after a courageous battle with Cancer. He is no longer suffering; and is now at peace. Although, he is no longer here with us physically, he will always be here with us. Not only in our hearts; but in spirit. He will always be watching over us as another Angel who is at peace, and to help guide us along our own paths. He was a true fighter in life and in spirit, and he will carry that with him. He had fought through so much, and still did not desire to give in. So he fought with everything he had, and he did an amazing job fighting for so long. His wife, Sandy; the love of his life – will always love and remember him with all of her heart and soul. The love, devotion and support she had given him was unimaginable, and true. She had remained at his side, fighting with him until the very end. They fought together and remained strong and supportive, and even now; they always will be. Frank and Sandy had so much love and support from family and friends. He will always be loved and remembered by: Joanne ( His sister), Doris (His sister); Aurther (His brother), John (His brother); And all their children. Sandy ( His wife), Carol (His sister-in-law), Rick (Brother-in-law), and all of their children. Jennifer (Daughter), Robert (Son-in-law), and Zoe (Granddaughter) ——- A special message to a special Niece, that is sent to her from her Uncle Frank and her Aunt Sandy; That she had a loving heart and a gentle hand to help us both find peace. Karie Ann, we both Thank you and love you so much! We will forever be touched.