Judith Pospisil

Obituary of Judith Anne Pospisil

Judy Pospisil was born the year of 1950 in Queens, New York. She was born third into what would become a large, enthusiastic group of siblings totaling seven. In order, these siblings included brothers Eddie, Richard, Gary, her sister Denise, and brothers Mark and Scott. As is usually the case with such an expanded family, the siblings traveled in many different directions, but their love and fondness for each other kept their correspondence frequent throughout the years. Although a native of the north east, Judy eventually moved to Florida with her husband Robert Pospisil. There she began a family, bringing her children Victoria and Stephen into the world. It was also in Florida that Judy finished college and earned a Masters in Accounting, an impressive achievement considering she raised two children (whom, due to asthma, were often in the hospital) while still finding time to study. This is a testament to the dedication and devotion of this strong woman. Judy loved music, from the Beach Boys to Frankie Valli, and she happily welcomed an ongoing addiction to mystery thrillers. In fact, she wrote a novel, writing being just one of many of her artistic talents. She loved to knit, sew, and embroider and worked diligently to create gifts for other people with her talents. She never created for herself, it was always someone else she was thinking of. In her professional life Judy found great success in the auto finance industry. She worked hard and drove an hour to and from work at least five days a week, often more, to the dealership that became a second home. She had so much composure and diligence in her duties that assisting people finding vehicles propelled her to a level of success that her peers envied. Management eventually bestowed upon her a brand new position that allowed her to manage the finance department and create brand new programs. These programs allowed many people other dealerships turned away to find the transportation they needed, and they loved her for helping them. Celebrating life became a central theme of Judy’s future. Through her ever-growing faith she found purpose and fulfillment. She loved to attend services, to listen to the sermons, to bask in the warmth of the hymns. Her faith led her to the Patchwork of Grace group, a collection of distinguished ladies who wanted nothing more to create garments and items for those in need or in pain. Judy took on the role of embroidering tote bags, often with inspiring bible verses, and she threw herself into this challenge the gusto and passion everyone had come to expect from her. Judy created countless bags that were sent all over the world and put into the eager and grateful hands of those less fortunate or those experiencing challenges in life. The tote bags symbolized Judy’s innate belief that life is to be celebrated and the verses embroidered upon them were to remind people of the exciting futures ahead, the beloved experiences behind, and the beauty of the moment we’re in. Judy wants everyone to celebrate their own life the lives of those around them. She found endless happiness living with her daughter and helping to raise her energetic grandson, Christopher. Like all things that required a lot of work in her life, she threw herself into the task and was always ready to teach, entertain, and love him. They were rarely apart for long and when together they were often goofing off with each other and laughing. Not even the Word Searches or Kindle games she constantly filled gaps in her time with could compete for the attentions of her grandson. The lives of her family, of those around her, were the fount of her endearing joy. Judith Anne Pospisil: a music lover, an industry professional, a passionate artist, a shy writer, a dedicated sister, a devoted mother, an adoring grandmother, servant to the Lord and advocate of those in need. She embodies of these attributes and walked her head held high through a world that often pressed her to lower her eyes. Beautiful, intelligent, giving, and witty, life around Judy always felt celebrated because she was always celebrating it with others. Ahead of us, many exciting futures. Behind us, many beloved experiences. And in between, those ever beautiful moments. “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” — Oprah Winfrey
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