Marjorie Sines

Obituary of Marjorie L. Sines

Marjorie Sines, mother, doodler, knitter, amateur chef (who only asked that you not overdo the pepper), reluctant hostess, Barnes and Noble frequenter, cook book collector, secrete enjoyer of only the finest electronics, love of life of her devoted husband, Wayne, and world’s best Nana, who made every house a home, every sit on the front lawn a gathering, every family holiday a success, has, effective immediately, cleared her calendar and gone on holiday, taking a much deserved rest. From the vast expanses of the Chihuahuan Desert  she hailed, and to that rain shadow desert she’ll return, reuniting with the land that forged her indomitable spirit, where she found happiness and created the one thing she never thought she’d have: a family. She wished her ashes to be spread over the the mountains that defined her home, El Paso, so that she might enjoy the aroma of the creosote after the rains, the golden and lavender blooms of the desert marigolds and willows, and the spectacular sunsets that shower the mesas and valleys with color as Nature, famed artist and occasional prankster, treat her to a tour de force. She’ll watch over those of us who couldn’t cancel our plans for this quick trip until we join her for the next adventure. Never one to want to be the center of attention, she would add that this isn’t the time to mourn the loss of a soul taken too soon, but rather a time to come together to celebrate the legacy she left in care of those she loved more than anything in this world, who returned that love and then some over the course of her 62 wonderful years. Oh, and don’t forget the compliments for exceeding her weight loss goals months ahead of schedule; take that New Year’s resolution. She is preceded by her parents, Roy and Marjorie Sigler, and survived by those of us who missed the call to adventure: her sister, Lyn Heuser; her husband of 35 years, Wayne Sines; her children, Matthew, Meryl and Carrie; and her grandchildren, Andrew, Aidan and Cooper, whom she apologized for not being able to watch grow up, but promised to check in on from time to time.
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