Marianne Quinn

Obituary of Marianne C. Quinn

Love never needs an introduction and often comes without warning to the Heart. Mike Curran and I were friends from the same neighborhood in Queens, New York where we spent our teenage years. As we grew into post teen years, we played ball together, hung out together at times and even worked at the same job. We were friendly enough that Mike asked me if I wanted to teach his sister how to drive since I had already taught others in the neighborhood. Thanks, but “No thanks.” Until the day I picked up my buddy and I noticed this breathtaking beauty standing on Mike’s stoop and asked him “who that might be” and he said it was his sister, I was dumbstruck. How could I not have known that someone like her actually lived in my part of town. When I asked if she still needed driving lessons he emphatically said “No.” Just my luck! But luck can be fickle. What happened next was the beginning of the greatest night of my life. My good buddy Mike decided he would take his sister to the local watering hole to meet a few friends. His sister got tired of traveling to her old neighborhood to see friends and agreed to hang locally. I was already there and couldn’t believe my eyes the moment she walked in the door. A 2nd chance had just presented itself. I was one of the many that introduced themselves and as greeted her, I looked into her eyes and I felt different as if I already knew her. Her name was Marianne and she had the friendliest eyes I’ve ever seen. She said her friends called her Mare. Marianne was sweet and funny she GOT IT. She was witty, and didn’t have any “airs” about her, so easy to talk to and she was the only thing that mattered that night. Plus she played a mean pinball game. I watched as she rocked that machine to TILT and got mad when the game flippers ate all her balls. I walked up to the machine and put 2 quarters there and said, “Hey Killer, Do you need a new partner?” I could end this story here because most of you know that we were partners for 40 years. But when I walked Mare home, laughing all the way, and came to her house it became clear the night was about to end. We talked a while longer and I asked to kiss her good night. As I reached in for a kiss, it was like the whole world stopped and I became someone else. I asked if I can see her again and I became hers when she said she would like that. She gave a cute wave and she was through the door. I must have looked back 5 times as I walked away. Star struck! And after rounding the corner of her block, I felt myself being lifted off the ground with my feet never touching the sidewalk all the way home. My heart and my mind were in agreement. My heart knew she was the one and my mind cautioned not to screw this up. I remember singing out loud and couldn’t get her out of my head I have screwed up many times in the 40 years, but Mare has always stuck by me. It’s just the type of person she is. Her loyalty knows no bounds. And undoubtedly she is responsible for the person I’ve become. She would never desert her family or friends in time of need. Her kindness and compassion for strangers was heart-warming. She became an organ donor years ago and I have seen to her wish to ok both Corneas for a transplant recipient here in Florida. They have already been harvested and in approx 3 weeks I will have the honor of meeting the recipient(s). I can’t think of a better end than to have someone see life through Mare’s eyes. This is just one example of helping her fellow man. She has always been there for everyone, young or old and made you feel comfortable in her presence. She was a Pied-Piper to children and they would follow her anywhere because she took the time to listen to them. To know Marianne is to love her. Mare was a patriotic individual and proudly supported our military and veteran causes over her years. She has made me unbelievably proud to be her man, confidant, and best friend. I married a woman who I could never say NO to and promised her I would always be there for her regardless of circumstances. I tried but I was wrong as God had other plans for my Marianne. My faith tells me we will meet again and as always she will help prepare a place for me. I pray she is well received by our Father. Marianne and I raised a family together and she instilled in her children the honor and integrity that comes with working hard and being good people. She is the mother of 2 beautiful human beings in my son Raymond and my daughter Kaitlyn. And she is Grandmother to Raymond Jason Quinn(RJ) 9yrs, Abigail Quinn 5yrs, Ava Palladino 2yrs and newcomer Lily Palladino 1month. Mare has 2 brothers John Curran (deceased) and Michael Curran. Marianne is Aunt to 7 nephews and nieces: John Michael Curran, Marissa Curran, Suzanne Morrell, Sharon Lyons, John Paulik, Christopher Quinn and Matthew Quinn. Marianne was Grand Aunt to 3: Ryan Morrell, Lauren Morrell and Hannah Paulie. Marianne was sister-in-law to Gerry Michaelson, Christopher B. Quinn, Diane Curran and Donna Curran. It was Marianne’s expressed wish that instead of donating money or flowers that her friends and family would sign the National Donor List or simply become a organ/eye or skin donor through your local DMV. The family will receive friends at Ammen Family Cremation and Funeral Care, 1001 South Hickory Street, Melbourne on Thursday, December 13th from 5pm to 8pm and on Friday, December 14th from 2pm to 4pm and 6pm to 8pm. Her funeral mass will be at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church, Malabar Road, Palm Bay on Saturday, December 15th at 10am.
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