Enriqueta Harriet Willmore

Enriqueta Harriet Willmore was born on June13th, 1931 to parents Walter Willmore and Sarah M. Shephard in Samana, Dominican Republic. She was the oldest of 10 children. She came to the United States, Melbourne, Florida in 1961 where she later became Naturalized citizen of the United States. She resided in Melbourne until moving to Palm Bay, FL with her only child Mayra Willmore In 1985.

She attended grade school in Samana and completed her GED in the United States.

Mom enjoyed many things. She enjoyed dining out, going to the theme parks (EPCOT was her favorite), music, watching golf, gymnastics and figure skating. Some of her favorite foods were plantains, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, rice and beans, so much more. She also loved her cheesecake and Coke Cola. Mommy was also an AMAZING cook. She could cook anything. Her black beans and rice and stewed pork were the best! Mommy was also best loved for her sweet potato pies that she would make for anyone that asked one or who just needed some TLC? Mommy had a very kind and loving heart. She was very caring and that showed by the number of friends that called her ‘Mom’. She had a smile that you would never forget. She also had a great since of humors and she was funny when listening to other people who speak Spanish. It didn’t know that she spoke ESPAÑOL. Yes, she spoke Spanish. She was a proud Dominican. She was a strong willed woman that wouldn’t think twice about telling you what was on her mind? She would also be the first person to give you the shirt off her back or give you a place to live if needed. When it came to trying new things, like some older people her age, it was a challenge. She did have an iPhone. 

She is survived by her daughter MAYRA WILLMORE. Surviving brothers and sisters in the Dominican Republic, Felipe, Tina, Pablo, Henry, and Lilly. She has 5 siblings that have passed.

She is also survived by countless adopted caring friends whom she called family and others who loved her very much.

Words and my heart cannot express how I feel right now writing this farewell to you. You cannot put a lifetime of life and love in just a few paragraphs. 

The good Lord and his Angeles called you home. Your spirit and soul were not ready yet.But towards the end, your tired broken body was. You were not ready to let your baby girl face this world alone without you. You were my life, my best friend, the woman I respected and who guided me through life.You were my everything Ma. But be reassured, I’m going to be ok? You taught me well. You’re always and forever in my heart. Time to rest Ma. God and the good Lord and ALL of their Angles will keep you safe now, repair your body and let you LIVE in heaven. All whom have loved you and who have proceeded in death are there for you now. Say ‘hello’ to them for me, ok?  

I LOVE, LOVE, WILL ALWAYS LOVE you Mommy. One day we will be reunited again. Rest in Peace.