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Preplan – A Story

December 04, 2017

Grandpa Joe’s Beach Celebration

As a Florida native who was born and raised just a few miles from the Atlantic, Grandpa Joe was a beach-lover to his very core. Almost every weekend of his life, Joe would drive out to the beach with his family to spend a day of fun in the sun. He could spend hours strolling down the shore collecting shells, building sandcastles with his children and later his grandchildren, splashing around in the surf or just relaxing beneath an umbrella and admiring the gentle Atlantic waves.

As Grandpa Joe grew older, the thought of being buried in the ground miles away from the beautiful beaches he so loved sent chills up his spine. Grandpa Joe wanted to be cremated and have his ashes spread on his favorite beach or in the Atlantic. And the last thing he wanted was for his family to have a solemn memorial service in a church or funeral home. Instead, he wanted his family and friends to gather on the same beach where he had spent so much of his life for a day of joyful reminiscing and celebration in the magnificent Florida sun.

Grandpa Joe realized that he would need to make advance arrangements to ensure his family would follow his wishes after he passed. He also wanted to make sure that his daughter and son weren’t left to make last-minute arrangements during the stressful days after his passing. That’s why Joe decided to meet with a very helpful funeral director with our funeral home.

When Joe explained his very specific wishes, our director gladly arranged the plan for him and safely filed it away for Joe’s family. Joe told his son and daughter that when his time came, they should contact The Ammen Family and tell them to set his plan in motion.

Five years later, when Joe passed away peacefully in his sleep, all his son and daughter had to do was call our funeral home. The director initiated Joe’s plan, and everything fell in place exactly as Joe had wished.

Not only were his ashes scattered into the glistening Atlantic near his favorite Florida beach, but his loved ones gathered for a truly unique, cheerful memorial service. All of his family and friends, in bathing suits and shorts, spent the day collecting shells, splashing in the surf and reminiscing about how much their beloved Grandpa Joe loved this very beach. There’s no doubt that Grandpa Joe was smiling down upon them as they frolicked on his beloved beach.

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