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Dad’s Uniform

December 04, 2017

Father and son. Father is somewhat overweight and wearing a VFW hat.

Son: I’ve always been super proud of my dad here. (Pats his dad on the shoulder.) Not only is he the toughest dude I know, he’s also a decorated veteran.

Dad: Did two tours in Vietnam.

Son: We hope Dad is with us for a while lot longer — but when his time does come, we want to give him a veterans service with full honors. We found the right folks to help us put all the plans together.

Dad: Sounds good. As long as I’m wearing my dress uniform.

Son: (Looks at dad, surprised.) Dad, I can’t even fit into your old uniform.

Dad: (Serious look, arms crossed.) Well then, I guess you better find a darn good tailor.

Son: Laughs and shakes his head

Dad: (Breaks down and chuckles too)

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